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Necropolis: Friendship is Magic

Whyborne & Griffin, you’ve amassed your group of worshippers and consider me one of the diehards.  Jordan L. Hawk has created this amazing universe that makes me squeal anytime she announces a new book is coming and I devour it in a sitting if I can make the world leave me alone long enough.  It was perfect for being ponified.  I always identify with Whyborne, the timid one of the trio who is learning to be a sorcerer whether he wants to admit it or not but always rises up to be a badass when the situation requires it.  His loyal lover and detective Griffin is wonderful and a bit broken at times and really quite perfect. 

Please don’t mess with Christine.  She makes the perfect travelling companion and she doesn’t take shit from anybody and I strive to be her when I grow up.  It would be cool to be an archaeologist…

Necropolis is the fourth book in the series where they have amazing adventures in Egypt, so if you haven’t read them you should start at book one, Widdershins. Really, you should.  

Huge thanks to KJ Charles for supplying Whyborne’s “voice” for this round.   I wonder if she knew she was as good at comedy as she is being a kickass author.  ;)